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Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2016

Proceedings of the II International Forum
(November 23–25, 2016, Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

The Forum successfully held in the Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University in framework of the XII International Conference «Instrumentation Engineering in the XXI Century. Integration of Science, education and Production» dedicated to the 55th anniversary of «Instrumental Engineering» faculty.

Organising Committee

Scientific Committee (Editorial Board)

Приборостроение, электроника и телекоммуникации – 2016

Сборник статей II Международного форума
(23–25 ноября 2016 г., Россия, г. Ижевск).

Форум состоялся в Ижевском государственном техническом университете имени М.Т. Калашникова в рамках XII Международной научно-технической конференции «Приборостроение в XXI веке. Интеграция науки, образования и производства», посвященной 55-летнему юбилею Приборостроительного факультета, 55-летию кафедры «Радиотехника», 35-летию кафедры «Приборы и методы измерений, контроля, диагностики».

Организационный комитет

Научный комитет (редакционная коллегия)

Individual papers


Abbakumov, K. E., Ee, B. Ch.
Research of acoustic wave generated by heterogeneous interface

Emilova, R., Goncharova, N., Ee, B., Konovalov, R., Spirina, O., Tsaplev, V.
Modeling of piezoelectric transducers for energy harvesting

Ibrahim, I. N., Hussin, S., Abramov, I. V.
Minicopter nonlinear control with the existence of disturbances

Ivliev, N., Kolpakov, V., Krichevskiy, S., Kazanskiy, N.
Determination of organic contaminants concentration on the silica surface by lateral force microscopy

Kumarin, A., Kudryavtsev, I.
Electrical power supply system for a maneuvering system of a nanosatellite

Kuznetsov, V. A., Gromov, V. E., Kuznetsova, E. S., Gagarin, A. Yu., Kosinov, D. A., Aksenova, K. V., Semin, A. P.
Generator of powerful current pulses for electrostimulated metal processing

Mishanov, R. O.
Technique of cluster analysis application in semiconductor elements classification for improving product quality and reliability

Myshkin, Yu. V., Efremov, A. B.
The calculation algorithm of the informative parameters of the signal at implementing the method of multiple reflections

Piyakov, I., Rodin, D., Rodina, M.
Method for calculating the potential distribution of nonlinear ion mirror and modeling a dust-impact mass spectrometer

Podlipnov, V., Kolpakov, V.
Experimental study of the re-emission during thin film etching in the outside the electrodes discharge plasma

Pustovetov, M.
The electrical schematic diagram of power part and the methods of forming the inverter output voltage

Rigmant, M., Kazantseva, N., Davidov, D., Shishkin, D., Scherbinin, V.
Application of a new device for diagnosing the degree of structure degradation of details from nickel-based superalloy

Smirnov, K. E., Ee, B. Ch.
The results of testing of lossless compression algorithm based on cascade fragmentation method and ordering pixels sequence

Usoltseva, A. V.
Efficiency increasing of laser technologies application for identification of art and industrial products

Usoltseva, A. V.
Establishing of the laser engraving modes for decorative processing of glass products


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The Conference

November 23–25, 2022

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