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Programme of the Forum

The programme will be published after the registration deadline. During the registration period all registered applications are listed here. The sequence of reports may be changed in the programme.
Attention! Only reports with approved articles will be included in the final version of the Conference Programme. You can track your publications status in your personal account page (registration form).

Программа форума

Программа конференции будет сформирована после окончания регистрации участников. В период регистрации здесь отображается список зарегистрированных заявок. Последовательность докладов в программе может быть изменена.
Внимание! В окончательный вариант программы будут включены только те доклады, статьи по которым будут рекомендованы к публикации. Статус публикации можно отслеживать в личном кабинете (регистрационная форма).

Registered reports

Instrumental Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2019

1. Busurin, V.I., KAZARYAN, A.V., Yin, N.W., Korobkov, K.A.
Experimental investigation of the characteristics of the information sensing module based on the optical tunneling effect of the angular velocity transducer by using a piezoelectric transducer

2. David, J., Martikkala, A., Lobov, A., Lanz, M.
A Unified Ontology Namespace for Enterprise Integration - a Digital Twin Case Study

3. Enin, V.N., Stepanov, A.V.
Sensorless control of commutation winding low-power brushless DC motor based on the use of back-EMF

4. Lobov, A.., Martikkala, A., Biswas, P.
Towards a Web-based Framework for Computer-aided Manufacturing

5. Mahmoodpour, M., Lobov, A., Hayati, S., Pastukhov, A.
An affordable deep learning based solution to support pick and place robotic tasks

6. Ryzhakov, V., Chapparov, F., Karaban, R.
Formalization of the problem of building an optimal infocommunication platform by the criterion of the effectiveness of support for business processes

Reports on Registration or Review Stage

To ensure the conditions of «blind» peer-review, the names of the authors of the reports are temporarily hidden. Only applications checked at least once are listed.

Instrumental Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2019

1. Solving the problem of automated 2D-images compositional characteristics evaluation

2. The investigation of trajectory control for an anthropomorphic manipulator attached to a vehicle

3. The problem of the sum of integer vectors

4. Comparative analysis of digital underwater video image color balance correction algorithms

5. Change in the Acoustic and Elastic Properties of the Cylindrical Steel Specimens During the Tensile

6. The propagation of antisymmetric Lamb wave in the hollow cylinder

7. Theoretical fundamentals of construction, algorithms of information processing and estimation of accuracy of measuring system of wind vector parameters on parking, starting and takeoff and landing modes of the single-rotor helicopter

8. Design optimization of liquid sample holder structure for ultrasonic measurements

9. Mathematical Modeling of the Axial Components of the Tension of the Magnetic Field of a Ring Magnet and its Experimental Verification

10. Features of construction and analysis of efficiency the complex air data system of aircraft with stationary included receiver of flow

11. Robot drives diagnostics by identifiability criterion based on state matrix

12. Optical device for determining the viability of biological tissue

13. Improving safety of oil storage tanks operation


Registration and paper submission:

till July 26, 2019

Paper review:

till September 10, 2019

Documents submission:

till September 20, 2019

The Conference

November 20–22, 2019

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