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Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2020

Proceedings of the VI International Forum
(December 2–4, 2020, Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Publication date: 03.12.2020

This volume contains papers on wide range of problems in fields of instrumental engineering, electronics, telecommunications and related areas discussed during the VI International Forum «Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications - 2020», IEET-2020, December 2-4, 2020, Izhevsk, Russia. All presented papers were selected after double-blind peer-rewiew. The Forum takes place annually in the Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University.

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Programme Committee (Editorial Board)


Mingazov, R. I., Spiridonov, F. I., Vikhlyaev, I. A., Shishakov, K. V.
Comparison of methods for determining the physical parameters of the resonator of a solid-state wave gyroscope


Myshkin, Yu. V., Muravieva, O. V., Voronchikhin, S. Yu., Pon’kina, A. A., Korolev, S. A.
The propagation of antisymmetric Lamb wave in the hollow cylinder


Nikitin, Yu. R., Trefilov, S. A.
Diagnostics of robot drives based on DC motors by identifiability criterion of nonlinear discrete model in state space


Sidnyaev, N. I., Butenko, Yu. I., Bolotova, E. E.
A syntactic method in recognizing unidentified objects



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