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Effect of Circuit Resistance and Inductance on Surge Current Testing of Tantalum Capacitors with Different Capacitance

Sibgatullin, B.I.

Abstract. Since tantalum capacitors are used in low-impedance circuits, where they are exposed to surge current impact, it is important to have the special technique to evaluate the performance of tantalum capacitors in such conditions. For these purposes surge current testing according to ESA/SCC Generic Specification №3012 and MIL-PRF-55365 standards is used. But even slight variations of testing parameters in allowable range can significantly change testing conditions. This article is devoted to analysis of the relationship between surge current testing circuit parameters and surge current conditions during testing of tantalum capacitors with different capacitance. The influence of circuit resistance on amplitude of current spike and overvoltage at different capacitor values and circuit inductance is evaluated.

Keywords: tantalum capacitor, surge current testing, surge current failure, transients, breakdown, overvoltage

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