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Influence of the Viscoelastic Media Properties on the Lowest Lamb Wave Mode Propagation in Pipe

Myshkin, Y.V., Muravieva, O.V.

Abstract. The results of comparative experimental research in influence on torsional T(0,1), symmetrical and antisymmetrical Lamb waves attenuation in pipe under the loading conditions on viscoelastic media such as internal fluid (water, glue) and external loose media are presented in this article. The technique and the experimental installation allowing to generate and receive different kinds of Lamb waves with special-purpose electromagnetic-acoustic oscillators and piezoelectric receivers are introduced. The obtained results can be taken into account when equipment and waveguide techniques for pipeline testing being developed with the use of torsional, symmetrical and antisymmetrical waves to estimate sensitivity of methods and distance of extended object scanning.

Keywords: viscoelastic medium, symmetric wave, antisymmetric wave, torsional wave attenuation, long-range guided wave testing, pipe

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