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Elasticity Moduli Estimation Using Different Elastography Methods: A Phantom Based Approach

Murashova, D.S., Murashov, S.A., Bogdan, O.P., Muravieva, O.V., Kuznetsov, E.P., Yugova, S.O.

Abstract. Recently elastography has become a rapidly developing set of non-invasive techniques for estimation of soft tissues mechanical characteristics. The article represents the results of direct comparison of static (strain), vibration (based on mechanically induced vibrations) and shear wave elastography methods. For the first two methods the possibility of quantitative elastic moduli estimation has been proved previously. The results of the study on gelatin phantoms show satisfactory correspondence between all three methods. Besides of that, the results of comparison of static and vibration methods were very good.

Keywords: static, transient, shear wave elastography, elastometry, ultrasonic diagnostics, soft tissues strain, gelatine phantoms, ultrasound

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