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Modeling of Short-Pulse Laser Radiation in Terms of Photon Wave Function in Coordinate Representation

Davydov, A., Zlydneva, T.

Abstract. On the base of the photon’s wave function (wave packet) in Schrödinger coordinate representation developed in previous papers the modeling of the propagation in space and in time of a wave packet of the photon corresponding to a separate laser impulse of radiation of femtosecond diapason is carried out. The development is proceeded from single-particle approach with the usage of the basis eigenfunctions of energy, momentum and helicity operators in continuous momentum spectrum case. The wave packet is constructed in the form of superposition of these eigenfunctions as the integral over the all momentum space. In the case of Gaussian momentum distribution the character of an extension of a form of this wave packet is established. The essence of wave-particle duality of light and microparticles is specified. The hypothesis is formulated, however, that the photon is a quasi-particle corresponding to the propagation of spin wave in physical vacuum. It is claimed that this question is related to the structure of the leptons and other particles on the Planck distances.

Keywords: Schrödinger equation, Maxwell's equations, wave packet, detector, extreme maximon

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