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Research and Development of the Encryption Algorithm in Specific Area of Digital Image with Viola and Jones Face Detection Algorithm

Bustami, R., Klimov, I.

Abstract. Protecting our information data from third party such as data confidentiality is one aim of cryptography system. Therefore in this paper showed the technique of encryption algorithm for digital image, which encrypted specific area such as face. Simulation describes the technique of detecting, cropping, rearranging, encrypting and decrypting on detected face in image with Viola and Jones algorithm. Using two symmetric block cryptography algorithm: Data Encryption Standard and GOST 28147-89, and also image encryption based on chaotic system. Then simulation is showed in graphic user interface in Matlab.

Keywords: cryptography system, digital image, Viola and Jones algorithm, symmetric block, Data Encryption Standard, GOST 28147-89, chaotic system

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