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Complex Automated Electrolysis Unit for Wastewaters Treatment and Drinking Water Purification

Arakcheev, E., Brunman, V., Brunman, M., Konyashin, A., Petkova, A.

Abstract. Article describes construction principles and design of comprehensive electrolysis unit that produces simultaneously chlorinated anolyte and sodium ferrate. Anolyte will permit to carry on water treatment at the municipal water supplies or enterprise territory and the ferrates – the treatment of industrial wastewaters, so the unit will ensure that treated wastewaters discharged into the environment without any harm. Integrated electrolysis unit for the production of reagents for drinking water purification and wastewaters treatment does not have any domestic analogues, and can ensure the competitiveness of the domestic water treatment processing systems compared to foreign made analogues by price, productiveness and energy efficiency.

Keywords: water, industrial wastewaters, disinfection, anolyte, ferrates, electrolysis unit, energy efficiency

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