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DOI: 10.22213/2658-3658-2019-98-104


Formalization of the Problem of Building an Optimal Infocommunication Platform by the Criterion of the Effectiveness of Support for Business Processes

Ryzhakov, V., Chapparov, F., Karaban, R.

Received: 2019-07-15

Article language: English

Abstract. The article presents a description of a general approach to solving a class of design for network tasks supporting the activities of small and medium-sized companies based on modeling their business processes. Optimization of the infocommunication platform is formulated as a linear programming problem. The interpretation of the parameters of the optimization model and their relationship with the company's business processes and the characteristics of the infocommunication platform are given. An interpretation of the linear programming problem of the infocommunication platform is given as an optimization task in predicting changes in the input factors of the constructed model.

Keywords: business process, business function, infocommunication platform, linear programming, design for network, network optimization

Pages: 98–104Total pages: 7

Published in: Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2019: Proceedings of the V International Forum (November 20–22, 2019, Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Year of publication: 2019

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