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DOI: 10.22213/2658-3658-2019-76-84


Change in the Acoustic and Elastic Properties of the Cylindrical Steel Specimens During the Tensile

Murav’eva, O. V., Len’kov, S. V., Nagovitsyn, A. A., Basharova, A. F.

Received: 2019-08-10

Article language: English

Abstract. The paper presents the results of an experimental study of the effect of tensile stresses in the elastic and plastic regions on the velocities of longitudinal and transverse waves and the Poisson's ratio for cylindrical samples of steel 40X with different heat treatment. A multiple mirror-shadow method with the use of specialized electromagnetic-acoustic transducers, which provides high accuracy and reliability of measurements due to detuning from the quality of the acoustic contact and the geometry of the sample, as well as the possibility of registering a series of multiple reflections across the sample section, is used. It is shown that the velocities of acoustic waves is minimal, and the Poisson's ratio is maximal for the sample obtained by quenching. The behavior of the curve of the transverse wave velocity change is identical to the transverse deformation of the sample, while the sensitivity of the transverse waves to mechanical stresses is maximal due to the matching with the direction of the applied load. The greatest sensitivity to stress is characteristic of the samples after tempering and normalization. After removal of the load and subsequent «recovery», there is an uneven distribution of the Poisson's ratio along the length of the sample.

Keywords: ultrasound, transverse wave, longitudinal wave, tensile stresses

Pages: 76–84Total pages: 9

Funding, support: This work was carried out under the State Task of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation for Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University in 2017–2019 “Organization of Scientific Investigations” (Project No. 5705.2017/VU), and under the project implemented with funding from FSBEI of Higher Education Kalashnikov ISTU (Project No. MOV), using Universal Scientific Unit “Information-measuring complex for evaluation acoustic properties of materials and products” (reg. No. 586308).

Published in: Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2019: Proceedings of the V International Forum (November 20–22, 2019, Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Year of publication: 2019

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